Ultimate 5 tips for headshot background

Below are the few background options that have dominated the headshot niche across multiple professions and are easy to recreate.

1. Good old black, white or grey background

headshot background tips_grey background

These colors are used for professional headshot background. A black background evokes a sense of professionalism, power, and luxury in its simplicity. It’s is often more favored by professionals in law, finance, and business. The black background provides incredible details to the headshot. Meanwhile, a white background feels natural, open, and bright. It gives the vibe of a clean image, and it is quite the industry standard. However, a grey headshot background is an admixture of the two traditional colors. It is used as background for professional headshot to communicate both features of the black and white colors. These days, it is becoming a top industry standard, and we can not ignore making a high resolution headshot background.

2. Use other solid color background

headshot background tips_other solid color background

Depending on the business or the client, colorful solid backgrounds can also be a fun choice, especially for creative positions. For instance, a blue headshot background can be used by an artist. To achieve this headshot background, you need a colorful wall or backdrop, or a good tool like VanceAI BGremover to edit your photo background. If we plan out, solid colors will usually blend with the skin and tone of the headshot’s theme. It would help if you were more careful when using these colors since creating a powerful yet fun look.

3. Outdoor Scene background

headshot background tips_outdoor scene background

While this may not be a great idea as a headshot background for a corporate professional, it could be perfect for many others. If you have a great environment or live in a naturally endowed one, you can take a walk through nature to get endless potential backgrounds for headshots. To achieve perfection, shoot to blur the background and create a soft blend of the natural background. You can have some perfect headshots that depict life, warmth, openness, and, most importantly, natural self if done right.

4. Take it at your workplace

headshot background tips_workplace background

If the client intends to highlight their line of work, then it is better to take the headshot at their workplace. The idea of this headshot is for the background to highlight what the person does professionally. For instance, a chef may get their photo taken in the kitchen. So, creativity is more paramount here as you have to create an image capable of communicating without professionalism. Hence, this business headshot background idea is more complex. 

5. Try texture background

headshot backgroundtips_texture background

One of the best ways to achieve a professional headshot is by stepping away from the studio to use an architectural building, layered wall, or more textured background. Often, this brings a sense of professionalism and openness to new ideas. Having a beautifully layered background will almost always guarantee a great professional headshot background. Place your client distanced enough from the wall or the building for effective background editing and blending to avoid visual noise that may distort the image’s subject.


Different categories of headshots are being categorized under professional headshots these days. Thus, the need to achieve balance with the headshot background has never been at this high rate. Hence, from this post, you have been equipped with the best headshot background ideas that would take you away from the bothering of how to remove background.

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1. What background should I use for headshot?

The background headshot is solely determined by your needs, the kind of industry you work in, and the message you intend to pass with your headshot. For a business headshot background, you can consider using a workplace background or outdoor background. At the same time, a lawyer will most likely use a solid black or white color headshot background. 

2. What is a good free photo editing app?

Achieving excellence in your photography is down to having a great photo editing tool. With a tool like BGremover, you have access to AI auto-generated background remover, image editing, photo enhancer, and other features that would make your photo editing hassle-free. And the best part is it can be used for free—one of the best tools to have for your photo editing.


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