Best 5 Tips to Make Your LinkedIn Photo Professional

1. Wearing a smile

LinkedIn photo wearing a smile

As highlighted earlier, your profile picture serves as your first impression, conveying your brand to others. As such, if you want people to find you more approachable, a little smile won't hurt. It’s a general conception – people are more inclined to find you more competent, approachable, likable, as well as influential when you use a smiling picture. If you find this unnatural or unusual, you may want to practice in front of a mirror till you get the expression that suits you best.

2. Take the photo in natural and soft light

LinkedIn photo soft light

Everyone would agree that lighting can transform “just okay" to “wow.” When it comes to photography, natural light is known to give you the best images irrespective of the purpose intended for such an image. To take a good LinkedIn photo, try taking your images outside on an overcast day, and a little bit around a shady area. In essence, anywhere with soft light and devoid of direct sunlight. The direct sun won’t give you that natural-looking glow, neither will it illuminate your face with the right intensity.

3. Keep the background clean

LinkedIn photo clean background

Where you take your LinkedIn photo is just as important as when. As you don't want the sun excessively casting light on your face, you also don't want anything distracting the viewer from your face. Hence. The need for a simple and clean LinkedIn photo background that draws every attention to you. Well, note that you dint have to use those boring white or empty space backgrounds. Explore other clean options like painted walls or even outside your garden – in nature. Or you can replace the photo background using some background remover tools. 

4. Use high-resolution photo

LinkedIn photo-high resolution photo

Ideally, a good LinkedIn photo is 400 x 400 pixels. However, note that you also upload higher resolutions, as long as it doesn't exceed the max allocation of 8mb. All in all, always try to steer clear of low-resolution or small images. If it appears blurry once uploaded, you can always give another one a try. This doesn’t only relate to your LinkedIn photo, these LinkedIn photo tips, especially this point, also remains true for photos such as ID badge, etc. Remember, never upload a picture of a picture.

5. Face takes 60% of the frame or more

linkedinphoto-face proportion

For our social media accounts, you may decide to upload an image of yourself at the top eiffel tower,  photographed from a far distance. While this might be okay for this purpose, it's not always the suitable option for your LinkedIn photo. Clients, businesses, and interview candidates all want to know what facial appearance to expect. Thus, always try to get 60% of the overall image size filled up with your face. You can also do this by cropping, however, be mindful of the image quality as you crop. 

How to take a good LinkedIn photo with BGremover

Even as a relatively nascent tool, the potentials embedded within BGremover have positioned it as a go-to for many when it comes to anything related to removing background from images. Your LinkedIn photo needs a clean and simple background, and as such, you'd always find this tool handy along the line.

Step 1: Upload the photo you want to process

LinkedIn photo-BGremover

Step 2: the tool deletes the LinkedIn photo background automatically

LinkedIn photo_upload image to BGremover

Step 3: in the intuitive platform now displayed, refine and modify the results to your preference and intended quality, such as add a new clean background

LinkedIn photo_edit photo background in BGremover

Step 4: preview the image and download the result on the online app. 

LinkedIn photo_download output from BGremover

About BGremover

This intuitive Vance AI tool offers you all you need to edit picture backgrounds. Eliminating LindedIn photo background and replacing them with appropriate ones for your LinkedIn profile can't be any easier if you’ve ever tried this free background Remover. Kudos to the effective and functional AI framework, you can now enjoy what used to be a relatively arduous task at your comfort. BGremover is a yet powerful tool, allowing you to edit your picture backgrounds and shoot against your preferred background. 


With the LinkedIn photo tips explicated, suppose you actively adhere to these suggestions, you can be sure that your next LinkedIn photo is coming out fine. Fine isn't enough - it'll also compel more individuals and businesses to approach you. One tool you'd undoubtedly find handy in this journey is BGRemover because, at some point, you'd need a background that aligns with the image you're trying to paint. Best of all, it’s free for basic edits. Also read: Top 10 Ultimate Background Eraser Tools Recommendation.