How to Change Selfie Background Online


To change selfie background online, we will use a tool called BGremover. This selfie background changer is an auto AI-powered tool capable of removing background from selfie photos for free. BGremover works with one click and offers an intuitive tool to help you edit selfie background. To remove selfie background with this tool, you have to follow the following steps:

Step 1: Upload your selfie. Click Upload Image to upload the selfie you intend to change its background. Alternatively, you can simply drag & drop your picture into the tool.

homepage of BGremover

Step 2: Remove selfie background automatically. After you have uploaded the selfie to this selfie background changer, click “Start to Process” and the background will be removed automatically within seconds. You can see the preview of the final output before proceeding to the next stage.

BGremover Workspace

Step 3: Download the final output by clicking on “save and download.”

the image processed by BGremover

AI Background Remover Performance Review

selfie background_origional imageselfie background_BGremover_output

You can see the direct comparison between the selfies. The selfie subject is neatly cut out with zero error and the edges are nicely smoothed out without enlarging or decreasing the size of the original selfie despite the complex pose which would have been difficult for manual editing.

About BGremover

BGremover is a background remover tool that allows you to change background of selfie online in less than a minute. Powered by AI and deep learning technology, it offers a smooth, accurate, and quality option to remove image background. The full suite allows you to edit and add more solid colors to your image background or customize it with your desired background while getting stunning images for your professional business or everyday need.


How does BGremover work?

As earlier stated, BGremover follows a strict guideline to remove or change selfie background. With a few simple clicks, you can edit your images online for free. Also, it has an offline version too. Upload your image, then the platform automatically processes the image to remove background. Then allows you to edit and customize it further.

When do you need BGremover?

The need to remove image background is important in both business and personal lives. For eCommerce business owners, they need stunning quality images and you can use BGremover to get the best focus on your product images while everyone else can use it to edit just any image. When you search how to change background on selfie, then you may need it.


BGremover is the best tool for anyone who wants to remove background online or change the background of any image. It is fast, effective, easy to use, and most importantly, free. Mistakes, distortions, or any kind of noise should not prevent you from getting the best out of that perfectly captured image when you can remove and change the background with BGremover.

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