A passport photo is often needed in many situations as a means of formal identification. Hence, the background is subjected to strict requirements depending on what occasion warrants it and the country. In most countries, white or off-white background for a passport photo is required, while some require a blue background for a passport photo background color. Then you can use VanceAI to edit your photo.

Editing photo background generally is important since any bit of visual noise can distort or ruin a perfect photo and shift focus from the main subject. Since the subject is more paramount in passport photos, using VanceAI Passport Photo Maker will emphasize the subject in the passport.                                           

How can I change the background of my passport photo?

Wanna have a white background for passport photo? One of the best passport photo background editor is BGremover. With this tool, you can change background for passport photo online in less than 5seconds. Powered by AI technology, it allows you to cut out smooth and accurate subjects from your image. Also, added with a full customization feature to ensure you can change, replace and edit your passport photo background with solid colors like white.

Changing photo background with this editor involves the following steps:

Step1: Click to upload the passport photo or drag and drop it into this tool.

 change passport photo background_step1

Step2: After the upload, the photo background will be changed automatically within seconds

BGremover Workspace

Step3: Download the final output from AI background remover.

change passport photo background_step 3


It takes the right tools to remove background from image online. You have nothing to worry about anymore when changing your background for passport photo after reading this post. We have shown you the detailed guide of the best tool available online for photo background removal. 


Can I wear makeup in my passport photo?

Yes, you can. But it has to be moderate. Since the passport photo must be an actual image of yourself, it is okay to wear your average amount of makeup if you usually wear makeup.

Should I wear my hair up or down for a passport photo? 

Make sure your hair does not cover your face. It is acceptable to wear your hair up or down, either way, as long as every part of your face is visible. However, it is better to wear it up and get it packed. Also, avoid wearing hair accessories since it is an official photo.

Should you smile in a passport photo?

Yes, you can smile. Make the smile very natural, unexaggerated, and friendly. Also, both of your eyes should be open. It is better to make your smile unforced and show genuineness.

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