Is there any way you can use to click versatile decent and attractive pictures of your online store products? Consider using a white background. Besides, you can try VanceAI photo enhancer for image upsacle or image sharpeness to make you photo better.

Why choose a plain white background for eCommerce product pictures

E-commerce products are not physically available to the client before delivery. If you want to convince a random person to visit your online store, click your products in front of white background. It is a very effective and professionally practiced way to increase sales. Let’s discuss how plain white background affects the picture quality of the product and boosts sales.

1. Focus the buyers’ attention on the product

plain white background focuses buyers' attention

The sale on an online store is defined as a scientific law that says; the sale is directly proportional to the attractiveness and appealing picture of the product where the constant is the reputation of the store. Your potential buyer should not be confused or distracted by the catchy and colorful backgrounds. A colorful and mesmerizing background disturbs the focus of your buyer from the product. A plain wallpaper white background is suggested because when you click the product picture in front of the white background, your product becomes the only area of focus.

2. Make the product color prominent

plain white background makes product color prominent

You might have noticed that the colors of products with sharp backgrounds are not easy to judge. Sometimes the product colors are masked by the background colors and the buyer leaves the product just because he cannot predict the true colors or get confused. A human eye requires a very distinctive color scheme to differentiate between two objects.

When you use a plain white background for your product photography it enables your product to outshine with its original colors. Moreover, it eases the buyers' eye in differentiating the product colors from the background. A plain wallpaper white background makes the product colors prominent and easily predictable. So, if you want to increase sales and make your products look more attractive.

3. Simplicity & beauty

plain white background creats simplicity

If you are running an online store, you should be concerned about the aesthetic and beauty of your product and not the beauty of the background. One of the very common mistakes that online store owners do during product photography is the inappropriate selection of background. For example, most of the owners and even professional photographers use sharp colors or fascinating backgrounds while photographing a regular household use product. You should make it clear that the simple and plain white background image enhances the beauty of your product. And your buyer wouldn't be captivated in the background.

4. Easy for further editing

plain white background is easy to editing

A plain wallpaper white background is very easy to remove if you want to add another background or edit the photograph. However, if you will use a discontinuous or uneven background it will be difficult to remove even though advanced software. If you want to edit your image or remove background from image you can use BGremover. This online editing platform offers very safe and quick photo editing options. Including background removal, it also offers a variety of different photo editing features.

5. Plain white background has good universal versatility

plain white background has universal versatility

A plain white background is also used by several professional and expert product photographers. It is versatile and universal for e-commerce product pictures. Moreover, a plain wallpaper white background is required by most of the eCommerce platforms such as Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, etc. Therefore, if you want to save money and time, use plain wallpaper white background directly so your product picture can be uploaded to any of these mainstream platforms without further editing.

6. Promote image consistency

plain white background promote image consistency

You might have noticed a very prominent difference in the appearance and visibility of the product if you have ever clicked pictures in front of a white background. The above-given image is also proof of the statement. In a white plain background image, you can observe the sharpness of the edges and clarity is higher as compared to the black background. A plain white background is highly recommended for e-commerce product photography.

How to get a plain white background in product pictures

If you want to remove the colorful background without disturbing the quality of the original image, use BGremover. The website also offers a very effective replacement of any background with plain white background. Here is a stepwise guide.

1. Click the link given above to go to the home page of AI background remover, then hit the Upload Image button to get started.

create plain white backkground with BGrmeover step1

2. Once the upload is done, click the Start to process button to automatically remove the image background online.

create plain white backkground with BGrmeover step2

3. Click the preview icon, you can preview your product picture with a transparent background; click the edit icon to put a plain white background on your image.

create plain white backkground with BGrmeover step3

4. Choose the plain white color for your product picture. Then download the result.

create plain white backkground with BGrmeover step4

What is BGremover?

A very useful and operative website that offers a lot of convenient tools for photo editing such as background remover, retouching, colorizer, etc. You can use these tools for quick and quality photo editing. The best thing is, the original picture quality remains intact. Moreover, the paid editing services are worth every single penny. Visit Transparent Background Maker or PNG Maker included in BGremover for premium level photo editing and to remove background online.

Final Thoughts

We have discussed how white plain background affects the picture quality and product appearance. If you want to attract more customers and increase sales, start capturing the products in front of a plain white background. The product colors, product appearance, the overall product display will look decent and premium. Also read Best 10 Landing page design tips to fuel your inspiration.


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