6 tips for outstanding show photography 

1. Simplicity is key 

shoe photography tip_simplicity is key

To get the best out of your shoe photography, you want to steer clear of an overtly clustered frame as much as possible. In this case, an individual shot will work best for you. You want to showcase the shoes individually without packing too many of the products in just one frame. With this, your prospects can appreciate each project independently from the entire collection, leaving you with a clean, straightforward, and attention-commanding shoe photograph. Similarly, if you’re using group shots, ensure you’re keeping the varieties at the barest minimum. 

2. The perfect background choice

shoe photography tip_background choice

Needless to say, your background is necessary to the feeling and story you're looking to tell with your show photography. Regardless of your choice, you want to ensure you’re not picking a color that draws attention away from the main subject. Usually, white background is the most recommended option when it comes to this. If you don’t fancy white, try picking any neutral color and bring more focus to the shoe. However, in situations where you can't find the perfect color physically, take the photograph with whatever background you can find and cleanup pictures with a tool like BGremover thereafter. 

3. Give different perspectives with multiple angles 

shoe photography tip_multiple angles

Monotonous shoe photography is synonymous with wasted effort. Your prospects and target audiences what diversity, they want different feels to the product. As such, to keep your shoe product photography from being monotonous or boring, try shooting from various angles. Doing this, you’ll be amazed by how innovative and different the college will turn out to be.

4. Steer clear of harsh lighting 

shoe photography tip_avoid harsh lights

When setting up your lighting, you want to ensure it's neither too soft nor overly light. Creating a balance is key to achieving compelling shoe photography. When the lighting is too harsh, your image may appear overexposed and some parts and underexposed in others, which we don't want. And when it’s too soft, you'll find it difficult to capture the essence and details of the footwear. In a nutshell, be sure to strike a balance between both, and you’ll well be on the right path to a shoe photography effort that converts. 

5. Avoid blurs &soft focus – keep it sharp 

shoe photography tip_keep it sharp

Buyers lean more toward sharp images as opposed to artistic ones. So, you want to avoid using shallow field depths, soft focus, or blur when taking shoe photography. Again, focus can be an integral photographic element. However, the wrong usage can lead your efforts down the drain in no time. When using it, try keeping the focus on the shoe, and ensure you're putting it on the right part. The wrong application can introduce visual tension to your image, which you don't want. So, to be on the safer side, avoid soft-focus overall. To better attract users, you can use Background Changer to choose a background solid black, effectively highlighting the striking features of the red shoe.

6. Avoid overly dark shadows 

shoe photography tip_avoid dark shadows

When your lighting is too harsh, or perhaps, is only concentrated on one side of the product, shadows are a given. And dark shadows may not be good for your product in most cases. As such, to prevent this from happening, get yourself reflectors that you can position opposite to the lighting source. This will balance the light distribution on both sides, so you won't end up with dark shadows. 

5 best ideas to inspire your shoe photography

1. Put your shoe in context 

shoe photography idea_put shoes in context

Arguably, the most important requirement for creative shoes photography is making sure your prospects can envision themselves in the footwear. You don’t want to take basketball footwear photography on a football pitch - that's the wrong context. Instead, take a football shoe photography on a football pitch, while ensuring that the props and other elements emphasize that this is footwear meant for football. With this, your target audience can envision themselves in it, bringing you a step closer to shoe photography that converts. 

2. Leverage simple props 

shoe photography idea_use props

Shoe photography doesn't demand a great deal of ambition. Remember, your focus is on the shoe, and your props must only help brighten the shoe without taking anything away from its attention. Again, when considering props, you want to ensure that they align with the product, its context, and the story you’re looking to well with it. If you can't find the proper props for your photography, you can find tons of them online. And with AI background remover, you can apply them to your photography when processing. 

3. Try floating photography 

shoe photography idea_float photography

Floating photography is what photography enthusiasts call magic photography. It is pretty unusual and doubles as a great way to de more attention to your shoe. It makes them wonder what's hidden behind the shoe, making It a great photographic approach to drawing attention and sparking curiosity. 

4. Shoot with model 

shoe photography idea_shoot with model

This is the most popular out of the shoes photography ideas. Almost every brand use a model to take their products photograph, so why not buy into the trend? According to several studies, humans are more compelled to patronize brands that use other people in ads and product images. Using a model helps connect more easily to your target audiences. They can see themselves using your product and how well they'll fit it. Ultimately, this prompts them to engage you in no time. 

5. Capture the shoe in use

shoe photography idea_capture shoe in use

Lastly, on shoe photography ideas, show the shoe in action. You need to let your customers know what exactly the shoe is suited for. If you sell flip flops or slippers, you want to show your customers that it's meant for relaxation. Hence, your shoe photography should emphasize that. In a nutshell, it is important to portray your prospects' wants in each shot you’re taking. 


Carefully observing and implementing these straightforward shoe photography ideas will skyrocket the quality appeal of your shoes in no time and without hassle. However, while applying these, you want to pay attention to your post-processing efforts as well. You need to further edit the image to fully align with the brand image and your preferences. And one of the tools that'll help you in this regard is  BGremover - AI background remover. All in all, by rightly applying these tips, brace yourself, you’re about to get overwhelmed with orders!


1. How do I improve the quality of shoe photography?

VanceAI Image Enhancer is a tool that helps you refine image and recreate full details of an image. Producing high-quality images of shoes online is more likely to intrigue new visitors. As for how to finish it, this tool can help you  easily work with images as it provides a one-click AI solution to help enhance photo details. In that way, it becomes easier for you to get super HD shoes online in the visual manner. 





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