make background trasparent

Have you ever tried to make background transparent so that you tweak the cutout for a better look? Perhaps, when you have an image with a busy background or when you want to replace the existing background, you want to cut out the object or the focal point in the image. Thanks to transparent background makers, you can easily fix the problem. In this article, you will see 10 best tools that let you make background transparent online or in software. 

Part 1: Make Background Transparent Free with Vance AI 

Vance AI Product: Automatic Background Remover


  • Price: Free (5 credits); Paid($9.9/mo)
  • Compatibility: Online

Making background transparent is as easy as a few clicks once you try Vance AI's  background remover. The full suite of powerful AI tools from Vance AI helps you to create designs and graphics that can win the attention of your audience. Among them, Bgremover is the most popular tool amongst online store owners. Make background transparent free automatically. Create amazing designs with the cut-outs you have. Add solid-color or image background to your image. Find out more in this video: 



  • Make background transparent online automatically
  • Free to download preview images
  • An effective transparent background maker
  • Useful editing features


  • No batch processing

How to remove background from image free with Vance AI?

  • Step 1: Click to upload an image to this toolUpload image button of background remover
  • Step 2: AI will make background transparent automatically in seconds and you can further edit the image using the Editordrag an image to remove background
  • Step 3: Click “Download” button to save your image  

download car without background

Part 2: Best 5 Online Tools to Make Background Transparent Free

1. Online PNG Tools - Make Background Transparent Free

Price: Free 
Compatibility: Online 
This is a handy tool that lets you make background transparent in one click. There is no limit, which means you can upload as many files you want to make their background transparent online easily. However, the automatic results are far from satisfying because it fails to handle the edges based on the test.  



  • Easy to use 
  • Fast to use 
  • Free to use 


  • Unable to handle details automatically 
  • No option to manually fix the edges 

How to Make Background Transparent Online in Online PNG Tools?

1. Go to PNG Tools website and upload an image

2.Choose "Transparency color" and percentage of color tones


3.Click to "save as" to download the result 




2. Lunapic - Make Image Background Transparent Online

Price: Free 
Compatibility: Online 
Lunapic is a free online editing tool that can also be used as a transparent background maker. A great part of Lunapic is that it outputs lossless quality. However, it’s not user-friendly because users need to fix the edges and details manually. 


  • Output image with lossless definition 
  • Free to use 


  • Not easy to use 
  • Require too much manual work 

How to make background transparent online in Lunapic?

1. Go to Edit>Transparent background on Lunapic


2.Upload an image to Lunapic 


3.Download the result to your device 



Price: Free 
Compatibility: Online 
This is an AI-powered tool used to make the background transparent in one click. What’s great about this online tool is that smart AI can perfectly handle edges and details. This transparent background maker offers both free and paid versions. For free users, you can access 50 preview images with a smaller size than the original ones. 



  • Easy to use 
  • Offer free trial 
  • Make background transparent online with AI automatically 


  • Fail to recognize objects in images when foreground and background are extremely similar 

How to Make Background Transparent Free in

1.Click "Upload Image" to y=upload a file will make the image background transparent in seconds

3.Click "Download" to save the result 



4. Kapwing

Price: Free 
Compatibility: Online 

Kapwing is a handy tool that allows you to make background transparent online effortlessly. It’s This tool works best when the foreground and background share a strong contrast. For those who lack experience in how to make transparent background, this online tool is highly recommended. 


  • Easy to use 
  • Fast to use 


  • Show watermark if you do not sign in 

How to Make Background Transparent Online in Kapwing?

  • Upload an image to this transparent background maker
  • Click “Magic Wand” and “Remove Pixels” 
  • Try “Erase” to remove unwanted background 

5. Clipping Magic

Price: $7.99/mo/100 credits 
Compatibility: Online 
Clipping Magic is an AI-powered transparent background maker using which you can get rid of the background in one click. Based on AI technology, the automatic result from this tool is quite amazing. Simply clicking “Auto-clip” will allow you to make background transparent online. Unlike offering free trial, Clipping Magic requires you to upgrade before you can download the result. 


  • Simple to use 
  • Edges are cleanly cut out as you can see from this sample image


  • No free trial 

How to make background transparent online in Clipping Magic?

1. Drag an image to Clipping Magic 

2. Get an image with transparent background with AI 

3. Subscribe to a plan to download the result


Part 3: 5 Best Software to Make Background Transparent 

1. Paint 3D

Price: Free
Compatibility: Windows 10
For Windows 10 users, this is a pre-installed app that you can work with to make background transparent in just several clicks. You can easily create a transparent background PNG image with Paint 3D. It also comes with tons of editing tools that you can experiment with. For example, you can crop or add stickers, texts, and effects to images. 


  • Easy to use 
  • Make background transparent quickly 


  • Require much manual work
  • Not compatible with Mac 

How to make background transparent free in paint?

  • Click on "Magic Select" tool to make background transparent automatically. 
  • Try “Add” and “Remove” to fix edges  
  • Click “Done” 

If you are still confused the steps above, you may check the video below to know how to make background transparent in Paint 3D.

2. Adobe Photoshop

Price: $13.14/mo
Compatibility: Windows & Mac 
Adobe Photoshop allows you to make background transparent in different ways. It allows you to reduce brush size to handle details perfectly. It is not only a powerful transparent background maker but also all-in-one graphics editor. But this is not the best choice for beginners who might get overwhelmed by its confusing options.


  • Allow fixing edges manually 
  • Make background transparent even when foreground and background are similar 


  • Require editing experience 
  • Not easy to use 

How to use Photoshop?

  • Open an image duplicate the layer to create a new layer

PS Duplicate

  • Choose "Magic Wand Tool". Click and drag your mouse on the background that you want to get rid of.

PS Magic Tool

  • Hide the "Background" layer. If you want to make the edge more clear, you may choose "Eraser Tool" to further enhance the details.

PS Hide

3. Adobe Illustrator

Price: $20.99/mo
Compatibility: Windows & Mac 

Adobe Illustrator is another professional software that lets you handle background precisely. You can fix the edges perfectly with its “Pen tool” while you make a background transparent. It is a versatile editing software that comes with powerful features using which you can design, edit, and create amazing graphics. 

  • Fix details perfectly 
  • Customize results with editing tools 
  • Suitable for professionals 


  • Not easy to use 

How to make the background transparent in illustrator? 

  • Drag an image to the clipboard 
  • Go to “Pen tool” on the toolbar 
  • Click on the edge of the object in your image and create an outline 
  • Choose “Make Clipping Mask” 

Find the step-by-step guide to use Adobe Illustrator in the video below.

4. Movavi

Price: $44.95
Compatibility: Windows & Mac 

Movavi is a photo editor that can effectively make background transparent. This transparent background maker allows you to easily cut out unwanted background in a few clicks. Unlike Photoshop which requires you to drag the mouse to outline the edges, Movavi is much easier to use. 


  • Make background transparent effectively 
  • Useful editing tools


  • Require manual work 

How to make a transparent background in Movavi?

  • Click “Browse for Images” to upload files 
  • Go to “Change Background” > “Auto Select” 
  • Use “Foreground brush” and “Background brush” to make background transparent 
  • Click “Transparency icon” 

Check this video to know more if you want to know how to use Movavi.

5. PhotoScissors

Price: Free
Compatibility: Windows & Mac 

PhotoScissors offers both Windows and Mac users an easy way to remove background. This transparent background maker focuses on fixing the problem automatically using algorithms. It’s easy to use with no extra features. 


  • Free to download the image but with a low resolution 
  • Focus on making background transparent 


  • Lack basic editing features 

How to Make Background Transparent in PhotoScissors?

  • Download the transparent background maker software 
  • Click “Open Image” to upload a file 
  • Make background transparent automatically 

Or, you may watch this video to get more information.



Of the best transparent background makers, Background Remover from Vance AI and Kapwing are recommended if you want to make background transparent free online. For those with experience in photo editing, professional software solutions supporting batch processing can solve the problem more efficiently. For high quality and lossless output, Photoshop and Illustrator are better options. 


How to make jpg background transparent? 

When you want to remove background with online tools such as Lunapic and can be useful. If you already worked with the tools in this list and still have a jpg background, remember to save the image as PNG format. In addition, you can also find out best tools to get rid of watermark in Top 20 Best Watermark Removers. Feel free to remove the watermark after making background transparent.