Best 5 Discord emoji makers recommended


Pricing: Free and paid (starts at $16/month)

discord emoji maker _kapwin

This discord emoji maker has strict compliance with the 128 x 128 size restriction of discord emotes. It has an array of templates or allows for personal image uploads to convert to emotes. Also, on this emoji maker for discord, you can download in png for better display quality. You have access to crop images to the right size before creating your emotes.


  • Strict 128x128 discord emoji maker
  • Direct upload to discord
  • Supports slack, Twitch and other similar apps


Pricing: Free

Discord emoji maker_EMOJI. GG

With direct access to discord, this free discord emoji maker offers is worth giving a try. You can create emoji packs or have access to others packs. You can use this tool for almost any kind of emotes customization. You get to make use of the available templates to create your emoji. Also you can browse through thousands of emoji from other artists.


  • Free to use
  • Easy customization options
  • Access to other artists’ creations


Pricing: Free

discord emoji maker_MAKEEMOJI

This is another free discord gif emoji maker. Just as the name suggests, this platform can be used as a discord emoji maker. The site is pretty basic since it is aimed at making emojis alone. There are many templates to choose from or simply clip to select an image from your device by uploading to the site.. Then create gifs or other animations using this discord animated emoji maker. Also, it provides direct access to remove image background from your gifs also. For a basic site, it offers quite a lot.


  • Create animated gif emoji for discord
  • Access to many templates
  • Free to use

4. OWN3D

Pricing: This makes use of custom pricing.

Discord emoji maker_OWN3D

This is probably the most advanced discord emoji maker on this list. With access to over 25 billion emote combinations, you are sure to create the perfect emotes using this tool. Also, it offers opportunity to create pack emotes too. It offers multilingual support and direct download for all sizes of emotes. You can use this animated discord emoji maker for other platforms too.


  • Create unique emotes
  • 25 billion emote combinations
  • Multilingual support
  • Easy download and pack processing


Pricing: Free and paid (Starts at $6/month)

Discord emoji maker_APPYPIE DESIGN

With this custom discord emoji maker, you get quality discord-tailored emoji that perfectly conforms to the discord size restriction. It offers numerous emoji templates and design tools to create emojis. The strongest perk of using this tool is it allows you to turn yourself to an emoji in minutes. Just upload your image and you have it.


  • Access to numerous emoji templates
  • Customize for free with ease
  • Discord suited emoji maker

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