What is commercial photography?

Simply put, commercial photography is a niche in photography that covers any images utilized for publication or business purposes. So, we can say, a typical commercial photographer is someone who takes images that are instrumental to the sales of certain services or products. These products and services could vary significantly, ranging from fashion, tech, and literature, among others. One distinguishing factor between a commercial photographer and other niches is the shot intent. A landscape photographer wants to preserve the beauty of nature, while a commercial photographer wants to market their shot subject to prospects.

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Difference Between Commercial Photography and Advertising Photography

While these may seem synonymous, there are a few differences between both genres. Firstly, the primary difference lies in the intent. Commercial photography wants to take the image of the products and present the essence in its best possible form. However, an advertising photographer only wants to convince viewers to patronize such a product.

Another difference is the style, in commercial photography, we want nothing to distract prospects' attention from the products, and as such, most elements are neutral. On the other hand, advertising photography wants to create emotions, and thus, uses bolder and more inventive styles and color mixes. In addition, commercial product photography is typically used in retail or other promotions, while advertising photography seeks to attract new audiences. In the following content, this blog will show you some common commercial photography examples.

Common types of commercial photography

1. Commercial real estate photography

Commercial photography_real estate

Commercial real estate photography is all about capturing buildings and other related structures that can tell a story in the real estate ecosystem. It has always been a strategy real estate companies adopt in their brochures, printing materials, portfolio, and even web marketing efforts directed towards selling offices or specific apartments in a building.

Photographers in this sub-genre also sometimes take up the task of taking shots of several other structures, including tunnels, bridges, or any construction at all.

2. Commercial product photography

Commercial photography_product

This is one of the oldest and arguably, the most popular types of commercial photography. Every company producing a product adapts this style of photography to portray their products in various settings. It has also always been the go-to to promote certain features and benefits attributable to such products. Usually, you’d find these images in close-up angles and often in high definitions.

In commercial product photography, it is the responsibility of the photographer to take shots of the subjects in the most photogenic way that can add positively to the marketability of the product and its potential success.

3. Commercial food photography

Commercial photography_food

This is yet another common commercial photography sub-niche involving taking food shots most desirably and compellingly possible. To do this, food stylists are available to arrange the meals and include props or other foods to give that feeling of an irresistible meal. In the absence of these props and a desirable background, you can always use BGremover.VanceAI.com to create a transparent image of the food, and add a new background to it according to your preference. Whether you use a beautiful background from the start or you changed it using the tool, always remember that commercial food photography requires a great deal of styling and positioning!

4. Commercial fashion photography

Commercial photography_fashion

This is a niche of photography that actively bridges the gap between photography and fashion. The genre encompasses spread shots for fashion magazines as well as snapshots of fashion items on runways, extending to showrooms and fashion locations. While may view fashion photography as artful or too commercial, one thing you should always remember is that commercial fashion photography is all about taking the best possible shot that showcases the relationship between the fashion items and the model.

Final thoughts

With these insights into commercial photography examples and definitions, you have a basic foundation of the commercial facet to photography, and of course, you’re ready to set your feet out and start bathing some businesses. Using some tools like VanceAI can make your commerial photography look better. Also, note that promoting your creative content on social media or creating a portfolio website are excellent approaches to creating a responsive community and audiences who can lead you to potential clients.



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