Image cleanup is an essential part of many growing industries, such as e-commerce, as it allows users to present their photos in the way that they want. Image editing and clean up can seem like a difficult task, but there are many AI-based image cleaner apps that make things easy.

Other than e-commerce professionals, graphic designers frequently design posters, brochures, and more, that require photo cleaner tools as well.

What Is Cleaning Up Pictures?

Before getting into photo cleaner applications, let's learn more about what an AI image cleaner is. An image cleaner app can be considered a tool that can enable users to remove certain objects and damage marks from an image. Besides that, the more commonly heard background remover tools are also included here. You can check out the link given above, which serves as a solid example of an app that can cleanup images. When you add AI capabilities to an image cleaner app, you can then simply do the cleanup by selecting objects you want to remove and the rest is taken care of by the app itself.

How Does an AI Image Cleaner Work?

cleanup image

Image Credit: OpenCV-Python

AI image cleaner apps that can remove objects from images according to the user's selection typically rely on advanced computer vision and deep learning techniques. When a user selects an object for removal, the app utilizes a combination of image segmentation and content-aware fill algorithms. First, the app identifies the boundaries of the selected object by using segmentation algorithms. After that, the app uses another set of algorithms to fill in for the visuals or pixels that are lost.

Such AI-powered tools have found applications in various industries, including photography, graphic design, and e-commerce, streamlining the process of object removal in image editing.

What Can AI Image Cleaner Do For Industries?

A tool that can remove image backgrounds or objects can be quite useful in a variety of industries where image editing is important, for marketing, showcasing products or creating content.

Part one: E-commerce Industry

The e-commerce industry is one that relies heavily on well-presented images because it is the images that encourage users to perform any kind of action. As such, businesses and other entities on an e-commerce platform are always looking to maintain a high standard for their images. Professionals can cleanup images to achieve such standards.

cleanup image with BGremover

VanceAI BGremover Background Editing

VanceAI BGremover Background Editing

E-commerce platforms often require product images with clean, consistent backgrounds to enhance the visual appeal of their listings. A cluttered or distracting background can divert the customer's attention away from the product itself. You can cleanup photos by removing distracting things out of the image or by removing a background and replacing it with something simple and neat.

Part two: Old Photo Restoration

AI image cleaners can be incredibly useful for the repair and restoration of old, damaged photos, including the removal of various types of damage marks such as scratches, stains, tears, and blemishes. The AI will analyze the selected regions and attempt to intelligently replace or repair the damaged pixels by referencing neighboring areas of the image.

VanceAI Photo Restorer Manual Fix Result

Some AI tools allow for fine-tuning of the repair results. You may have options to adjust the extent of the repair, blend the repaired areas with the surrounding image, or manually touch up specific regions if needed.

Part three: Portrait Photography

In the realm of portrait photography, AI image cleaners play a significant role in post-processing and retouching. After a portrait session, photographers often use these tools to enhance the overall appearance of their subjects. With portrait photography, they can further enhance an image by removing blemishes from the face or they can remove the background of the photo and replace it.

VanceAI BGremover AI Background Removal

This can present new options for the photographer. If they want to go the creative route, they can upload the portrait into an AI art creator tool, which will completely transform the image and make it look anime-like.

Part four: Graphic Designing

AI image cleaner tools provide graphic designers with a powerful and efficient way to streamline their workflow, especially when it comes to making minor edits or removing unwanted elements from images. These tools are designed to simplify and expedite the editing process by automating tasks that would otherwise require manual work in traditional software applications. By leveraging AI algorithms, graphic designers can effortlessly achieve precise edits and enhancements with just a few clicks.

Cleanup.Pictures Result

How to Clean Up Pictures with AI Image Cleaner?

Step 1: Click on the link given to AI Photo Editor to access it online. Click on "Edit Photo" to proceed ahead.

VanceAI Photo Editor Homepage

Step 2: Upload an image on the Workspace and use the "Erase" option on the right. Use the marker to mark the object that you want removed and click on "Remove Object".

VanceAI Photo Editor Workspace

Step 3: The image will be processed and you will see the final image in a few seconds. You can then download the image.

VanceAI Photo Editor Erase Feature

How to Clean Up Pictures After Removing Background from Image?

Step 1: Background Remover offers additional features that enable users to remove more from the image if needed.

VanceAI BGremover Workspace

Step 2: Go to Background Remover Workspace to remove the background from an image and click on "Change Background" once you see the image. Next, use the brush tool to clean up the parts from the image.

VanceAI BGremover Background Changer

Step 3: Click on "Download" to save the image on your device.

How to Clean Up Photos while Restoring Old Photos?

Step 1: Click on AI Photo Restorer to access it on the website. Next, use the "Upload Image" button to proceed.

VanceAI Photo Restorer Homepage

Step 2: Once inside the Workspace, upload the image and choose the "Manual Fix" option, which will let you mark spots that you want to fix specifically. After that, click on "Start to Process".

VanceAI Photo Restorer Workspace

Step 3: The image will be displayed on the screen once the clean up and repair process is done. You can then download the image.

VanceAI Photo Restorer Result

VanceAI Image Cleaner Alternatives

As the name suggests, this app is suitable for users who want to cleanup images easily. This app can be used for cleaning up defects, objects, texts, and more. It makes use of AI algorithms to make the whole process simple, quick, and effective. This image cleaner app is also present on mobile devices, though users would need a premium subscription.

cleanup pictures homepage


  1. Easy to use and fast.
  2. Responsive website.


  1. The performance isn't up to the mark.
  2. Does not offer anything else.

Clipdrop Image Cleaner

With Clipdrop, you can not only clean up images, but also create new ones and enhance images. This online platform provides many solutions in the image editing space by offering tools such as Reimagine XL, allowing users to create new visuals consistently with the help of art generation technology. Apart from that, it can help in removing backgrounds, upscaling images, and much more.


  1. Excellent and modern UI design.
  2. Offers multiple image editing tools.
  3. Pretty affordable.


  1. The clean up tool can be improved.

Clipdrop Homepage

Pixelcut Image Cleaner

Pixelcut is an online and mobile app that lets users clean up photos and more. With its intuitive UI design, users will feel at home navigating through various features and tools. Due to its AI-based approach, you can also expect to get results quickly.

Pixelcut Homepage



  1. It offers results quickly.
  2. Good accessibility.


  1. Not enough features.
  2. Expensive.

Fotor Image Cleaner

Fotor Image Cleaner is one of the many tools offered by Fotor. The Fotor Image Cleaner comes equipped with AI algorithms that make image cleaning simple and users simply have to mark objects with the brush tool for Fotor to get into effect. Apart from the clean up images part, users can utilize other Fotor tools to further enhance the image.


  1. Offers many tools and features.
  2. Highly affordable.


  1. It can be laggy sometimes.

Fotor Image Cleaner Homepage


clean up pictures

Clean up unwanted things from images with AI. Click here to remove background from image and then engage in further cleanup!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to Remove a Watermark?

    There are plenty of amazing visuals that users want to utilize somewhere but can not because of watermarks. If you want to remove watermark from photo online free, use apps such as AI Photo Editor or Background Remover. There are similar apps such as the one mentioned, though it is better to test multiple apps as the performance can vary. A simple search on 'watermark remover online free' can give you many apps.

  • How to Remove Object from Picture?

    VanceAI Photo Editor has a feature where you can upload an image and use a brush tool to mark the objects or parts of an object that you do not want. After selecting the part, you can run the feature and it will work on removing whatever is marked. You will get the result in a few seconds.

  • How to Remove People from Pictures?

    Be it people or objects, you can remove pretty much anything by using an image cleaner app. For example, BGremover has the function gives you a brush tool that you can use to mark a person with, so that they can be removed from the image.

  • How to Remove Text from a Picture?

    There are many tools that specialise in removing texts from images. Whether you want to remove an unwanted text or a caption, you can use tools such as BGremover or AI Photo Editor to remove text from image. After you remove text from picture with a text remover, you can use the image for your projects.

  • Is There an App to Remove Things from Photos?

    If online editing is not your preference, you can consider apps that remove people from pictures, offer clean up features, image enhancement, and more. One such app is VanceAI PC, which can be considered as the software app version of the online image editor app. It is a cleanup photo app and much more, with various tools to offer. VanceAI PC offers BGremover as well, so users can clean up images at their convenience.