What is Clipart?

Clipart is a type of electronic graphic art that consists of simple design elements for the goal of illustration. It is a set of ready-made and copyright-free illustrations that can be employed as visuals for different media. For example, creating pink flower Clipart or musical notes Clipart.

Best 10 flower Clipart sites

1. Istock

Pricing: It starts at $9.99/image without term commitment.

Flower clipart_ISTOCK

iStock is a stock photo website where you get access to numerous high quality images. It has one of the largest resources for Clipart online and it offers access to numerous Clipart. You can get access to cute flower Clipart here by simply using the search bar to search for flower Clipart. All these Clipart are royalty free, which means you get to use them as wished.

2. PNGTree

Pricing: The plan starts at $59/3 months.

Flower clipart_PNGTREE

Get your transparent flower Clipart with PNGtree. This stock photo site offers a lot of Clipart across multiple genres of use depending on your needs. To make use of this site, just select the filters and adjust it to flowers. The cool thing about this site is you get to have the flower images in a transparent flower Clipart.

3. Freepik

Pricing: It has free and paid versions (Starts at €9.99/mo)

Flower clipart_FREEPIK

This is another free flower Clipart site. Though it has pricing plan, the free version is good for the average users. You have access to various types of flower Clipart. From flower drawings to art crafts, and flower designs, this site has it all. Just apply the filters to streamline the results of flower Clipart listed.

4. ClipartMax

Pricing: It is free to use.

Flower clipart_CLIPARTMAX

Clipartmax provides access to purple flower Clipart in different shapes and flowers. Though this is another Clipart stock site, it offers a lot more for free and for anyone trying to access good quality and colorful Clipart, checking out Clipartmax will fulfill your need for purple flower Clipart.

5. Pinterest

Pricing: Free

Flower clipart_PINTEREST

Pinterest is a social platform to share ideas of art and businesses but that doesn’t stop it from having daily influx of Clipart. This is one of the best places to get cute flower Clipart. There are thousands of Clipart readily available for download on Pinterest. Just register and have access to them all. If you need transparent flower clipart, you can always use some tools like BGremover to remove background from them easily.

6. Vecteezy

Pricing: it is free and paid (Starts at $7/mo)

Flower clipart_VECTEEZY

This site makes use of stock images from ISTOCK and offers royalty free flower Clipart. Just search for flower Clipart and you have access to over 6 thousand Clipart. They offer various types of flower Clipart such as pink flower Clipart and many others. Also, you can download quite easily on this site.

7. Vector Stock

Pricing: It uses a paid subscription that starts at 69c/image

flower cliart_VECTOR STOCK

You can get access to numerous royalty free vectors and Clipart via this website. When you search flower Clipart, you get access to over 25 thousand results showing various kinds of Clipart flowers. It allows you to filter down and streamline it to what you want specifically, which is quite great also.

8. Gograph

Pricing: The pricing starts at $39.95/week or $99.95/month

Flower clipart_GOGRAPH

On Gogrpah, you get access to spring flower Clipart vectors. Probably the largest gallery on this list, this site allows you access to over 1.4 million stock Clipart of royalty-free flower Clipart. All the Clipart provided are grouped into various sections and genres which can be filtered for your needs.

9. Clipartix

Pricing: Free

Flower clipart_CLIPARTIX

Clipartix offers access to a basic range of flower Clipart while ensuring you get the best quality transparent flower Clipart backgrounds. Basically, this is for educational purposes or some basic design or presentations.

10. Classroom Clipart

Pricing: It is free to use


As the name suggests, classroom Clipart provides limited flower Clipart but they are all targeted at communicating meaningful illustrations. They are used to depict various flowers which maybe useful for educational purposes.

Final thoughts

From the above listed websites, you must have gained access to almost all your needs when it comes to getting the right flower Clipart. However, if you need to remove background from your Clipart after download, simply visit BGremover from  VanceAI for the best user experience. A flower clipart with a transparent background will simply be more useful in your projects.

BGremover's Performance Review

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