What is a photograph watermark?

A semi-transparent text, brand logo, or name of the artist written on the original copy of the photo is known as a watermark. Watermarking is mainly used for two different purposes. It is used to secure the original photo in the name of the artist who clicked it. And it is also useful in improving the portfolio visibility of a blog, brand, or website.

image with watermark

If you need to remove watermark from photo, there are plenty of tools you can use. Just like we use background remover tools, such as BGremover, Photoshop, or Illustration to remove background from image, when it comes to removing watermark, you need yo find the right tools. Here, we have an ultimate guide for you on how to remove watermark from photo.

How to remove watermark from photo on iPhone?

If you want to get rid of text, date, logo, or stamps from your photos. Or if you have lost your original photo and left with a watermarked photo but now you want it without watermarks, use the Snapseed app, which should be on the top of your best iOS app list.

How to remove watermark from photo on iPhone should be an easy question to answer. Snapseed is one of the best solutions for removing unwanted semi-transparent texts or watermarks from a photo. Just open the app, upload your image, and select The Snapseed.

how to remove watermark from photo on iphone step1

The Snapseed will open a menu full of different options. From these options select a healing tool. The healing tool is further used for removing text, logos, and other watermarks from the photos.

how to remove watermark from photo on iPhone step2

Zoom in the portion containing the watermark Let's Enhance. io and start erasing the text or logo. You can easily remove all the text without affecting the original photo quality.

final image without watermark

How to remove watermark from photo in photoshop?

You might have heard about Photoshop before. Photoshop is famous and known for the best quality photo editing including watermark removal. It offers you to remove the watermark without affecting the photo pixels or resolution. Follow these simple steps and learn how to remove watermark from photo in Photoshop.

how to remove watermark from photo in Photoshop step1

Open your Photoshop and import the image whose watermark you want to remove. Then adjust the image in a way that the position of the watermark on the photo appears in the working area. Also, adjust the photo size according to your comfort.

how to remove watermark from photo in Photoshop step2

Now, look for the Spot Healing Brush in the left side tool menu of Photoshop. Pick the first type of Spot Healing Brush from the brush options. The first category of the brush is used for removing watermarks. Now adjust its size according to the size of the watermark. Size can be changed from the horizontal menu bar at the top.

how to remove watermark from photo in Photoshop step3

If your image has more than one watermark or written text start from one side. First, zoom in on the photograph and then start erasing the watermarks one by one with the brush you have selected. If the watermark is a single text or logo use a bigger size brush.

How to remove watermark from photo online?

Usually, when you use other apps for removing watermarks or business labels from the photographs you have to remove, they take a lot of time and also make it an arduous task. However, you can do the same job within minutes by using Inpaint. Inpaint is an online platform that offers watermark removal with quality for free.

Inpaint is very simple to use. You just have to open the website and upload your image. On the first interface of the website, you can see different options for simple editing and erasing.

how to remove watermark from photo online step1

After you have uploaded your image find the Marker Tool that is the first option on the left side vertical tool menu. Select Marker Tool and then click on erase option. Adjust the size of the marker according to the size of the watermark text or logo.

how to remove watermark from photo online step2

After you have selected the marker and adjusted the eraser size, start wiping the watermark. Don't forget to zoom the image if the text is small. Carefully erase the text to maintain the quality of the photograph. In a few seconds, it will remove your watermark and you can download the image.

how to remove watermark from photo online step3

Transparent Background Maker, an alternative to Inpaint, joints efforts with BGremover, and therefore can give you a brush to erase an unwanted watermark on the shared workspace.

Bottom line

If you fail to remove the watermark properly for the first time do not feel discouraged. All the platforms we have mentioned are renowned and professionally used by many editors as their daily drivers. We have given the ultimate guide about how to remove watermark from photo. Don't forget to adjust the size of the image according to the size of the watermark. Otherwise, it will affect the pixel quality of your image. 

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