BGremover: Superimpose Images With AI

Gone are those days where superimposing images used to be an uphill task. Today, with a few steps, you can easily learn how to superimpose pictures. To superimpose images online, all you need is the BGremover tool, which requires minimal manual work as it is majorly completed using AI. The framework it leverages also adds a great deal to its efficiency when you remove background from image. With these few steps. You can learn how to superimpose two images.

Step 1: Upload the first image you intend to use as your foreground

how to superimpose images_BGremover_step1

Step 2: Start processing and wait as the AI tool removes its background

how to superimpose images_BGremover_step2

Step 3: Click the Edit icon to edit the foreground image

how to superimpose images_BGremover_step3

Step 4: Upload a new background image to suerimpose two images

how to superimpose images_BGremover_step4

Step 5: Adjust the images and finally download your result.

BGremover Output Review

Fig 1.0: Before/After

how to superimpose images_BGremover_output review 1

Having learned how to superimpose images, let's review the outputs. For the first image, you'd notice that the tool did quite an excellent job in eliminating the background, and it does this without being detrimental to the overall quality. Examining the superimposition of the foreground on the background, you'd agree that it also does this exceptionally well with maximum attention to quality and details.

Fig 1.1: Before/After

how to superimpose images_BGremover_output review 2

For the second image, you could see the edges well-trimmed, and likewise, the quality of the foreground is well maintained after removing its background. Evaluating the superimposed images, the job done is nothing short of high quality. Even on downloading, the high quality is retained, and you can use the images for a range of use cases from VanceAI.

About BGremover

Learning how to superimpose images is incomplete without a knowledge of what BGremover represents. Essentially, it is one of the intuitive arrays of tools Vance AI offers. BGremover is a relatively new yet powerful background remover tool that adopts the frameworks of AI and deep learning to help eliminate the background from images within a few steps. It also embodies an all-in-one or a suite of photographic features that makes life easier for creatives.

Final Thoughts

And that’s it, now you know how to superimpose images or photographic elements into one another in just a few simple steps. The process is mainly online and a such, you don't have to worry about installations or unreasonably exorbitant subscription prices. All in all, as you attempt the process, ensure that you have a lot of ideas ready because once you begin to superimpose pictures, you won’t want to stop anyone. Also read How to Overlay Images with BGremover.


1. What does it mean to superimpose a picture?

In graphic design and photography, superimposition simply represents the placement of a picture or video over another pre-existing video or image. When you superimpose pictures, you add to the overall image effect, and in some cases, you also get to conceal some elements you do not want in an image. For instance, having learned how to superimpose images, you can decide to superimpose a different face over an original face.

2. What can you do with superimposed images?

When you superimpose two images or superimpose other elements onto a picture, you can develop a form of illusion. As aforementioned, you can even conceal various things present in the original image. As such, whether you are looking forward to layering an updated logo into an already taken product image, or perhaps, you want to composite pictures together to create a collage, superimposition is an excellent approach to achieving that.

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