A landing page is integral to any e-marketing campaign effort. With a compelling landing page design, generating leads and skyrocketing conversions becomes even easier. However, to achieve an excellent landing page design, it should be laser-focused on some elements such as the goals, visual component, etc. Now, the question is, what are those things that make up a good landing page? 

In this guide, we’ll range over a few tips to design landing page that converts and offers an effective marketing campaign. 

What is a landing page?

Also referred to as a leads capture page, a landing page is that webpage on websites that is pretty different from others as it seeks to achieve one primary goal – make visitors perform an important action. This action could range from Newsletter signup, email & discount registrations, etc.

Best landing page tips to inspire you

1. Put your audience first

landing page design tip_audience first

The audience you intend to target and your potential message should be your top considerations when designing a leading page. The best landing page design practices demand that you know who your audiences are, how to approach them without hassle, and ultimately influence their decisions.

Every customer is unique, and as such, instead of opting in for generic messages and offering the exact same experience, try out diverse landing pages for different categories of audiences. This can further help you optimize your conversion rates.

2. Align every element to your brand image

Consistency is key to an effective website landing page design. Imagine yourself as an audience, cruising around Instagram when you see a brand representation that piques your interest. Then, you click the link, only to be welcomed by an entirely brand representation. Of course, you'd be wondering if you clicked the wrong link. Hence, it this important to ensure that every message, visual element, color, etc., is in sync. For background images that don't align with your brand representation, you can easily fix this concern with a tool to remove background from image and replace it with a fitting one.

3. Intuitive and straightforward

landing page design tip_intuitive

To establish a level of intuitiveness and straightforwardness in your landing page design, there are a few practices you can leverage. For instance, you want to ensure that the page accommodates a broad audience range. In other words, it must be open to everyone and anyone. Secondly, it is important to pay

attention to navigation. You want to ensure that you're only adding necessary links, not spamming, and cater to easy navigation in its design. It shouldn't be riddled with buttons and images as well. In a nutshell, moderation is key.

4. Create a trustworthy identity

What are your trust signals? You need to answer this question first before you can create a trustworthy identity. Trust signals range from things like usage stats, testimonials, to reviews and press mentions. Whether you're using a canvas landing page or other landing page design options, you make abundant use of these trust signals. While testimonials are regarded as the classics, others are equally as effective. Also, while doing this, don't forget to make it clean, and don’t overdo it.

5. Pick the right color blend

landing page design tip_right color

Did you know that colors can be as effective in lead conversion as any other marketing element? Color psychology is one aspect you should direct significant attention to. Researches show that prospects tend to show a natural response to particular hues. For instance, we see blue as a strength symbol and red as love. Depending on the brand story you're looking to tell, it is important to pick the best color scheme to tell that story. With that, you can evoke more emotions with experiential positioning.

6. Compelling & prominent CTA (Call To Action) design

This is arguably the most important aspect of your landing page. For a creative landing page design, the CTA must reflect a considerable level of creativity. With this, you want to convince audiences to take any action, inspire them, and establish a sense of urgency, so you have to do that creatively. With it comes to the design, legible and consistent fonts, reasonable size, and unambiguous messaging are key elements you must always consider. Also, don’t forget to evoke emotions with your color scheme when designing a CTA.

7. Thoughtful & compelling texts

landing page design tip_compelling texts

Landing pages are just like email marketing. As such, they tend to be more effective when you approach the copywriting with a level of thoughtfulness, conciseness, relevance, and without deviating from the brand itself. In essence, you want your headline to pique interests at first read, with straightforward, informative, and direct messages in the body. Also, you want a clear and actionable CTA as highlighted earlier, with a footer that contains your contact details.

8. Less is more: keep everything concise

For an effective landing page design, ensure that the page isn't riddled with distractions that may bring the audience's attention away from the required action. To guarantee this, it is important to keep everything simple and concise. You want to pay attention to succinct messaging that can grasp the ever-dwindling human attention span within seconds. Every image used should be direct, and straightforward, with the overall design being as minimalist as possible. This is also applicable to the links – you don’t want a landing page riddled with internal and external links. Keep everything as simple as possible.

9. Use high-quality images

landing page design tip_high quality images

Most people find texts boring. And to appeal to this category of audience, it is important to use attractive images and visual elements for landing page design. If perhaps the intended image doesn’t align with the brand color scheme and story, you can rectify the concern with a straightforward tool like BGremover. All in all, the images used must be catchy with an attractive yet simple background. With this, you can further maximize the 5 seconds average attention span of audiences. Moreover, for online image editing features, VanceAI provides full solutions for image editing issues.

10. Design a mobile-friendly version

Today, most of our internet access is via smartphones and it's unsurprising that over 86% of the best landing page designs are mobile-friendly. This is as such, telling you to optimize the mobile version of your landing page for a more significant reach.


In this guide, we explored some practical tips on how to design a landing page that converts. Once you’ve ranged over and applied these tips, it's time to sit back and evaluate the results. While this may seem overwhelming at first, your return on investment for the first 6 months will undoubtedly confirm that it’s definitely worth it, especially with BGremover - based tools, say Transparent Background Maker.

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