What is a pamphlet?

Pamphlet definition is simply a small leaflet that is unbound and used to provide information on a single subject or for advertisement purposes. A pamphlet can be in various sizes, formats or shapes but all information is included in just a single sheet. The pamphlet can be bi-folded or made into a tri-fold leaflet carrying other aspects of the single subject. The pamphlet design determines the shape it is folded into.

Top 7 pamphlet template websites

1. Canva

pamphlet template website_canva

This is one of the best websites to get pamphlet template online. Canva is a designing tool that offers free and paid subscriptions to access its wealth of templates for designing. You can customize the templates to fit your brand's message if you are using them for your business.

With thousands of pamphlet templates available on this online pamphlet maker, you can create pamphlets without hassles. With just simple drag and drop, you can customize your templates without prior designing knowledge.


  • You can use free pamphlet template
  • Access to thousands of templates
  • Customizable templates

2. Adobe Creative Cloud Express

pamphlet template website_adobe creative cloud express

With this online pamphlet maker, you can customize professionally designed pamphlet template to communicate whatever subject you want. It offers thousands of editable templates and customization options to edit them. It allows you to edit your messages into the template while editing your logo, texts, colors and include illustrations for a personal touch. This pamphlet maker is suited to anyone who wishes to create a pamphlet for any purpose.


  • Provides thousands of templates
  • Professional editing features for unique pamphlet
  • Easy to use

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3. Marq

pamphlet template website_Lucidpress

Marq (formly Lucidpress) offers the opportunity to access professionally designed pamphlet template to contain all your information inside just a sheet. This site organizes the templates into brisk bi-fold templates and keynotes bi-fold templates. The previous is for basic pamphlet designs for businesses while the latter focuses on photos being the priority of your message.

You can select from the stock photos, fonts and colors available to customize your pamphlets. With the online editor on this online pamphlet maker, it is easier to design and customize the templates to reflect your unique needs.


  • Free pamphlet template
  • Grouped templates for easier access based on user needs
  • Access to free online editor

4. Venngage

pamphlet template website_Venngage

This pamphlet maker provides ready-made pamphlet designs for the creation of your pamphlets. There are numerous templates here to improve your pamphlets. Within a few minutes, you can create your pamphlet without hassles using this website. You get access to over 400 thousand icons, illustrations and colors to aid your customization. When compared, it is one of the best websites to get pamphlet templates online.


  • Ready-made pamphlet designs
  • Access to over 400 thousand illustrations
  • Easy to use

5. My Creative shop

pamphlet template website_My creative shop

My Creative shop is one of the websites to get free pamphlet template designs. They provide access to multiple templates that will cut down on your time to design templates drastically. To use this tool is as simple as finding a template, customizing it to suit your subject, and downloading it. There’s an option to generate your layout or simply start your design from scratch here. Tip: you can use a background remover like BGremover to give your visual elements a transparent background before using them in your pamphlet design.


  • Generate template design
  • Access to tagged pamphlet templates
  • Easy to maneuver the site

6. Psprint

pamphlet template website_psprint

Using this pamphlet maker, you get access to free pamphlet template designs. You can simply customize them by dragging and dropping your information without needing to edit anything graphically because they are already made to serve your subject. The templates are easy to design by using the intuitive point and click to edit them. You get access to quality and affordable online printing without hassles by choosing this website. But if you want to further editing, you can use the brush of Transparent Background Maker to erase unwanted parts.


  • Access to online printing
  • Easy to design
  • Professional pamphlet templates

7. Flipsnack

pamphlet template website_flipsnack

Flipsnack provides access to pamphlet templates for business owners. Be it startups or established companies, there’s something perfect for you here across all niches. With an easy-to-use editor, you can easily customize your pamphlets. As a business owner, this website is best suited for you as you can set your search to be tailored to your needs alone. Definitely worth trying out.


  • Easy to use interface
  • Pamphlet templates for businesses
  • Affordable pricing


Having access to websites such as this would save you a lot of time, effort, and money while trying to create a pamphlet for your business. Depending on what your needs are, you can choose any of the websites above and you are sure to get quality templates for your pamphlets designs. Of course, you can use AI background remover to pre-process your images or visual materials before using them to customize your pamphlets. Or you can try other image editing tools of VanceAI.

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1. Is flyer and pamphlet the same?

A pamphlet is a sheet of paper containing a single subject that is folded several times while a flyer is just a single sheet of paper without any folding and also containing information.

2. What makes a good pamphlet?

Good pamphlets contain one or several folding. Hence, it is germane to present a logical pathway to maneuver through it to get all information in a logical manner. Make the information easy to access without complications.


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