Actually, everyone should make good use of professional stock photos and they are not something exclusive to designers or photographers. With good professional stock photos, you can easily and quickly grab others' attention and get your message across. Among a lot of free sites for stock photos, Upslash is really a good choice. Surroundings around the main object of a photo may distract you due to busy backgrounds, though there are plenty of photos in Unsplash. VanceAI is such an international website that gives you multiple tools, such as BGremover erasing backgrounds instantly. 

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What is Unsplash?

Upslash provides millions of free stock photos which are contributed by a large group of photographers. Unsplash once adopted permissive copyright terms on its photos which made it one of the largest photography suppliers on the internet. Since 2018 February, Unsplash changed its license terms and began to restrict the sale of unaltered copies. Therefore, you can use our AI background remover to remove background and replace it with a new background to create a brand-new photo.

Is Unsplash copyright free?

From the License on its official site, Unsplash grants you an irrevocable, nonexclusive, worldwide copyright license to download, copy, modify, distribute, perform, and use Unsplash photos for free, including for commercial purposes, without permission from or attributing the photographer or Unsplash.

Overview of VanceAI BGremover Toolkit

Unsplash images are excellent images to use for creative projects, online business, profiles, and more. They’re equally great if you want to edit them and make different kinds of visuals with the assets. The good news is that BGremover can not only help you in the background removal process, but also when it comes to editing the background or replacing it with something else. This feature is called Background Changer, which is a pretty simple and easy to understand name. As you’d expect, this feature helps you to change the transparent and empty background with something else. You can do this with any kind of image that you have processed with the BGremover tool. By getting familiar with this feature, you will be able to create complete pictures without needing to use other tools.

When you remove an Unsplash background, you’re also automatically making use of PNG Maker. Given how popular the PNG image format is when it comes to photo editing, designing, and other similar fields, VanceAI converts the format of the processed image to PNG in order to offer users a better quality image. The key difference between PNG and other common image file formats such as JPEG is the fact that PNGs tend to have richer colors and details. However, PNG images tend to take up a bit more storage as well since they’re bigger in size. You can always convert a PNG back to JPG or something else online or through a software app like Photoshop.

Next, the article will show you how to use BGremover toolkit to get rid of image backgrounds step by step.

How to Use BGremover to Remove Background from Unsplash Photos?

BGremover is able to automatically and accurately remove background from image without any manual work. It only takes a few seconds to remove an image background and largely improve efficiency. Remove background easily and efficiently with this AI Background Remover. 

Step1: Open the webpage of this VanceAI and choose AI Background Remover and click Upload Image to upload an Unsplash image.

homepage of BGremover
Step2: Select the Unsplash picture you upload and click Start to Process.

BGremover Workspace
Step3: When the background is removed, you can click "Edit" to add new background to the result or click "Download" to save it directly.

remove background for teacup

How Does Background Changer Work?

This section deals with how you can use  Background Changer to edit your photo after you remove Unsplash photos background. Once you process your image through the app, you will see the result appear on the Workspace besides the original image itself. You will then be able to click on the Change Background button on the bottom right. Once you click on that, you will see a wide range of solid color background options that you can click on. By clicking on any of them, the tool will replace the transparent background with the background you choose.

change the background of the bottle with Background Changer

Image Credit: VanceAI

When you’re in the Background Changer section, you’ll see that there are two tabs. The first tab is labeled as Color, which simply presents all the options that you have with solid color backgrounds. The other tab is of Image and it shows all the scenic background options. You can implement any background with just a single click. You can also use the upload feature to upload any image of your choice to act as the background of the photo processed from BGremover. With these 3 features, you basically have all the options you need to make a completely new image. Not only is this easy to use but also automatic and time-saving.

diverse options in BGremover Workspace

Image Credit: VanceAI

As you can see from the list in the image above, there are plenty of background options to choose from. Switching backgrounds can be really useful for creative photo editing and marketing as you can showcase a single product or object in multiple different ways. For example, you can replace a solid white background with a background that has a similar color tone as the product in order to make it look aesthetic.

Product Photo Example

change a background for your phone

Image Credit: VanceAI

First, you can download Unsplash images that are product or object photographs and then use the BGremover to get rid of the background. The above image has its transparent background removed in favor of a custom background. As you can see from the result, it is possible to pick a background which suits or matches the product closely. If not, you can always experiment more with other types of images and see which works best. Either way, creative photo editing is much more accessible to everyone through an app like BGremover as compared to other complicated software applications.

Also, since the downloaded image will be in PNG, users will have an easier time editing the image even further, if the need arises.


The detailed steps mentioned above likely enable the main parts of photos to be much more prominent. When you come across ideal photos with busy backgrounds on Unsplash, it is a good way to erase them with BGremover Toolkit. Additionally, besides helping you to erase image background, VanceAI is famous as well for another popular tool, VanceAI Image Enhancer. It is a useful tool that VanceAI offers with one click function, helping you improve image quality to a higher level online within several seconds. Wanna know more about How to Remove Depositphotos Background?


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