Top 10 video meme maker recommendations

Here we have discussed a list of the 10 best meme video maker tools that are very useful to make a meme video in 2022.

1. Clipchamp

Pricing: free & paid ($9/month, $19/month)

Video Meme Maker_Clipchamp

Clipchamp is considered the best video meme maker tool in 2022 because now it is officially managed by Microsoft. If you want to enjoy a hazel-free and smooth meme editing experience then you should use Clipchamp. Clipchamp offers around five different types of video meme templates that you are ready to use. Clipchamp is the quickest and smoothest video meme editing tool. For 480p quality, you can export unlimited videos for free. However, if you want 720p you need to pay $9 a month and for full HD resolution, the fee is a monthly fee of $19. Try it now

2. Kapwing

Pricing: free & paid ($16/month)

Video Meme Maker_Kapwing

Use Kapwing to access a vast variety of templates for your meme video. Kapwing is known as a very powerful online tool for making video memes. You can have anime, cartoons, movie characters, games, and diagrammatic ready-to-use meme templates. The two most amazing features of Kapwing are; YouTube links video extraction for a meme and a quick editing process with the helpful ready-made fonts and effects. Per month you can get three exports of 250 MB upload limit for free. To get a limit of 6GB you have to pay $16 and annually. Have a try

3. Clideo

Pricing: $6/month; $72/year

Video Meme maker_Clideo

Clideo is a very user-friendly and capable online meme video maker tool in terms of editing. Not only from a reference video but you can also create video memes from GIFs, photos, and URL links. A higher degree of customization is also offered by Clideo. The website works perfectly with Windows, iPhones, Mac computers, and Android devices. The interface is simplified but offers an all-in-one feature screen. Clideo offers an unlimited video package for $6 a month and $72 annually. It is one of the best video meme maker tools.


Pricing: free; $12/month for basic subscription; $24/month for pro users

video meme maker_VEED.IO is easy and quick tool for making meme videos with a decent amount of video quality. This meme video maker offers several ways that you can use to bring your videos into it. You can import the video from your webcam, Dropbox, PC, and even from an online link. However, has no pre-designed video templates for you. On you can have a quick 10 minutes project up to 250MB with watermark for free. However it's basic subscription is $12/month and pro level subscription is $24/month. Try it on

5. Adobe Creative Cloud Express

Pricing: Three subscription options include $238 annually (19.99 monthly), $20.99 per month, and a month-to-month plan for $31.49.

video meme maker_Adobe

Among all the video editing software, Adobe is vast and fully loaded with countless features, options, templates, fonts, designs, and customization options. Adobe can perform plenty of tasks including meme video making and editing. This meme video maker is however a little difficult to use but once you learn adobe, you won’t like any other software. If need a transparent background for your image before making it a video meme, try VanceAI BGremover, an online image background editing tool.

6. Filmora

Pricing: For an individual user, Filmora costs $8 a month and if you want the subscription for business purposes you have to pay $155 annually.

video meme maker_Filmora

Filmora is relatively new as compared to other video meme maker tools discussed in the article. But it is highly efficient in terms of customizations and editing topographies. Customizable text and ready-made video meme templates are waiting for you to export your video and start working on it. Filmora is especially a great online video meme maker tool for beginners. Have a try

7. Wevideo

Pricing: Four types of paid plans are offered by Wevideo that start from $5 and end at $37 per month.

Video meme maker_WeVideo

Wevideo is considered the best choice for video editing or as an awesome video meme maker online platform. Both experts and beginners can enjoy the ultimate and diverse editing features offered by Wevideo. The tool is highly efficient for pro tasks and gives you a very professional-looking output. No one can say you have edited the video by yourself. Have a try

8. Promo

Pricing: The prices are $18, $36, $137 for basic, standard, and business packages.

video meme maker_promo

Promo is mainly used in business and marketing videos production. Promo is loaded with modern features that are necessary for video meme-making and editing. Promo offers a simplified but up-to-date interface that is very comprehensive to use. Being a modern tool it is programmed to perform quick actions without affecting the quality. Try it on!

9. Picmonkey

Pricing: Picmonkey offers three types of subscription charges, basic for $72/year, pro for $120/year, and business for $228/year.

video meme maker_pcimonkey

Basically, Picmonkey was designed for simple graphic designing tasks and editing purposes. But it is also used as an amazing video meme generator tool. One of the most amazing features of Picmonkey that makes it distinctive is the addition of multiple videos at the same time on your editing interface. The final video quality is worth your time and no blurriness occurs.


Pricing: It is a free meme video maker.

video meme is an artificial intelligence-based online tool for making meme videos that offer endless customizations and editing features. You can put audio without any fear of audio lagging because this video meme generator offers excellent synchronization. Sound effects and audio recordings fit perfectly with the meme video in on the other hand, in many other online meme video tools, the background sound and voice-over often get mixed.

Final Thoughts

Some of the given online tools have common features but they are not equally programmed. All these online video meme maker tools are differently featured. Most of the included tools cost you a very low subscription fee and offer a considerable amount of features. So start making your video meme by using any of these video meme generators. And if you want to remove background from image or want a transparent background for free, you can visit BGremover. Also, try VanceAI photo enahncer to upgarde your photos.

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