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A green screen removal software or online tool is something that many content creators and professionals look for. There are many reasons for that. One, the most common, is to use the green screen remover to get rid of the screen in order to pick out the focus object and use it in another platform. These procedures are particularly famous for content creators who make funny meme compilation videos which of course contain a bunch of images. So, a green screen remover tool can easily help you in most green screen removal cases and the technique is advanced enough now that you can expect green screen removal online.

Many ask how to remove green screen without Photoshop and we have an answer for you. In this article, we will list the 5 best tools to remove green screen, such as a recent online green screen removal software application called BGremover, which enables green screen removal online. We will show you these tools' features, price plans, and a short guide on how to remove green screen with them. Though Photoshop is a premiere photo editing application that exceeds probably all other tools in the market, there is a certain difficulty when it comes to actually using Photoshop and not everyone wishes to spend so much time over simple tasks.

How to Remove Green Screen from Image with 5 Best Tools

1. BGremover

The BGremover is one of the numerous features that the main product, Vance AI, offers to users. By using Deep Learning image processing techniques, Vance AI enables green screen removal online with smart analysis and automatically processing.

How to Remove Green Screen with BGremover

A short and simple guide on how to remove green screen from image with AI Background Remover.

Step 1: Use this link to access the website and click on Upload Image to proceed into the uploading section.

Vance AI Remover Step1

Step 2: Click on the upload button, select image to upload, and click on Continue.

Vance AI Remover Step2

Step 3: Wait for the processing to be over. Now, click on Download below to save the image.


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2. is an online green screen removal software, claiming that it can help remove background from image within 5 seconds.

How to Remove Green Screen with

Step 1: Drop an image with green background to Note that the size of the image should be less than 5 MB, or the upload would fail.

Removebg pro Step1

Step 2: Wait for several seconds to see the result and click “Download” button to save the result to your devices.

Removebg pro Step2

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3. Unscreen

Unscreen allows you to remove green screen from video or GIF and to replace the background online.

How to Remove Green Screen with Unscreen

Step 1: Upload a video clip or search GIF online to start to remove green background.

Unscreen Step1

Step 2: Just wait a second to get your video or GIF with transparent background. If you want to add another background on the GIF, you may also click to choose the effect option you want.

Unscreen Step2

Step 3: Click on “Download” to choose file type you want to save.

Unscreen Step3

4. Green Screen Wizard

Green Screen Wizard claims that it can well process the hair when being used to remove green screen. However, it is a green screen removal software that doesn’t allow green screen removal online, so you have to download and install it before use.

How to Remove Green Screen with Green Screen Wizard

Step 1: Go to Green Screen Wizard. Download and install the software to your devices. This step-by-step guide is mainly for PC users.

Step 2: Click “Load Foreground” to upload the image you want to remove green screen.

Green Screen Wizard Step2

Step 3: Choose the effect you want to output or load another background.

Green Screen Wizard Step3

Step 4: Click “Save” to download the result.

Green Screen Wizard Step4

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5. EZ Green Screen

EZ Green Screen is a paid green screen removal software, serving as a Photoshop plugin. With it, you may clearly remove green screen from image.

Ez Green Screen Website

How to Remove Green Screen with EZ Green Screen

Below is a video that can help you know how to remove green screen with it.


Both software and online tools to remove green screen are introduced in this article. With good performance and a number of other great features, AI green screen removal tools performs well in quickly green screen removal online. And if you need to process more complicated pictures, Photoshop and other professional software can help you. Follow the steps above, you can easily remove green screen from images or videos. Click to learn 15 Tools to Get Rid of Background from Image.


1. How to remove green screen in Photoshop?

To remove green screen in Photoshop can be not as complicated as you imagine. The following video is a clear guide to help you remove green screen in Photoshop.

Step 1: Go to the "Select" and click on the "Color Range".

Step 2: Use the eyedropper tool to remove the areas with the green color.

Step 3: When finished, you can see the effect in color range window shows white.