What is image advertising?

Image advertising definition means a form of advertisement that aims to create a mental image of product in the mind of the consumers. Rather than focus on just the benefits of a product, it is geared at creating a relatable image within the mind of the consumer that is evocative enough to trigger a buying reaction from them. 

what is image advertising

Advertising image can be done by highlighting the consumer needs that a product aims to satisfy. Then creating an image that depicts the specific image of the product fulfilling the need. This invariably works on the subconscious mind of the consumers to try the products also. Using tools like BGremover to remove background from image is an efficient way to unconsciously attract users to have a try.

Image advertising creates positive attitudes about a brand by building a correlation between products and specific values. Image advertising can focus on just an area of the product or services such as durability, style, efficiency and many more.

Examples of image advertisement

In this advertisement by Coca-Cola, the image is stunning and the concept is simple. They created a snowy setting with a full moon shining on the Christmas-designed truck. The concept of this matches with the brand color of Coca-Cola (red and white). The advert was aimed at celebrating Christmas with a truckload of goodies, which is expected during the Christmas season. This is targeted at leading the sales of soda during the seasons.

image advertising example1

The goal of this image advertisement by KFC is to create brand awareness of the ingredients involved in its product making. Using the image of a chef with a finished bucket of chicken alongside the ingredients used is meant to instill an air of safety. Also, the theme words help create focus on the content of the bucket rather than going elsewhere to get less quantity and quality.

image advertising example2

What’s the ideology behind image advertising?

The ideology behind corporate image advertising is creating brand awareness and brand culture. Products are meant to be sold but the competition is becoming more and more difficult with each passing day. So, businesses are focusing on creating a brand for the products. It creates an urge in consumers to get the product through their psychological influence.

When there is a culture for the products or services, it creates a form of association in the consumers' mind. For example, a brand can create image advertising of ruggedness for a car. When the consumers associate this with the car, it t will be the first on their list anytime they want a car that can be a beast and also a beauty.

Corporate -mage advertising thumps ordinary advertisement. It doesn’t just aim to sell the product by pushing it out there. Rather, it creates a culture around the products or services. This is usually done through online image advertising on social media.

ideology behind image advertising

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How does image advertising benefit your business?

Due to the competitive nature of today’s market, creativity and quality are presented to target consumers' attention. Hence, this is where image advertising thrives and it can be a game-changer for you if you leverage it the right way. If done correctly, these are the benefits you can get from online image advertising:

1. Increase your brand awareness

Brand awareness is integral for any business to thrive. With image advertising, you can create a relatable culture around your brand. People love consistency and once they can associate your brand with a style, it becomes almost inevitable for them not to relate to you. Image advertisement creates excitement for your brand's products. For this image, it is less likely to produce brand awareness as it easily causes a vague feeling. That is not beneficial for consumers to deeply remembering the brand, with the necessary act of changing a background. Background Changer with ample background colors plays a prominent role in leaving a brand impression.

image advertising to increase brand awareness

2. Grasp customer attention fast

Everyone appreciates creativity especially if it is relatable. Advertising image thrives on creating stunning, catchy and exciting concepts that will get enough attention from the consumers to pass across the ad’s message. The visuals used are stunning, unique or even provocative enough to get the consumers thinking about the products or services.

3. Reach broader prospects

Online image advertising reaches far more broader prospective consumers. With the right channels, you can get image advertising to reach almost everyone. In fact, if the concept is good enough, people can recommend it to others. Thereby, reaching a vast amount of prospects.

4. Create visual pleasure

One of the key benefits of advertising image is it creates visual appeal, which is a form of entertainment itself. A well-curated image advertising will be appealing to the eyes and excites the mind. When this is achieved, it creates a natural bonding to the products or services.

image advertising to create visual pleasure


Image advertising is changing the scope of advertisement. It is creating a different worldview that isn’t all about selling the consumers out but creating a cultural brand awareness. Giving the consumers a sense of belonging to a brand.  If well executed, image advertising can put your business ahead in your industry. Photo editing tools, especially BGremover - AI background remover, is such a tool  to highlight a  subject by adding a solid color.      Lastly, except for changing a background color, VanceAI Photo Enahcer will be helpful to improve image quality and refine image with a single click.

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