How to Whiten the Background of a Photo?

Without further ado, here is how you can easily whiten photo background using AI. To whiten background online only takes 4 steps, so follow along with us while we explain how to whiten the background of a photo with BGremover

Step 1: Upload Image

Upload your image to begin to whiten picture background on BGremover. You can drag and drop your desired image onto the site, or upload it from your files. The image may take a few seconds to process before you can whiten photo background. 

whiten photo background_BGremover step 1

Step 2: Remove Original Background

Once you have processed your image, this will take you to the VanceAI workspace. Select ‘edit’ from the menu to begin removing the background of your image. This will create a transparent image background so you can whiten background of photo. 

whiten photo background_BGremover step 2

Step 3: Put on a White Background

Now you have removed the background of your photo, you can select a new background from our helpful menu. Select colors, and then choose your new white picture background. 

whiten photo background_BGremover step 3

Step 4: Download Your Image

Once you’re done with whiten photo background you can preview your image. This will show you a helpful before and after. You can download your whiten picture background result by clicking the button in the bottom right corner. 

whiten photo background_BGremover step 4

BGremover Output Review

Unlike many services that whiten photo online, BGremover keeps the image quality high even after you’ve whiten background of photo. This leads to great results every time. After you’ve whitened photo background, the image is perfect for posting to your social media or using as a product photo. 

whiten photo background_BGremover soutput

Why You Need to Whiten Photo Background?

Aside from personal reasons to whiten the background of photos, like clearing up your image before you hang it on your wall, there are many marketing reasons to whiten picture background using AI. As a professional photographer or aspiring photographer, knowing how to whiten background of your images can take your work to the next level. Make your object pop against a whiten photo background for eye-catching results. 

If you’re marketing products on Amazon, knowing how to whiten background of images is a must. For Amazon, whiten picture background is a requirement for product photos. However, whether you’re selling on eBay, or drop-shipping on your site, if you whiten background of photo it can make your product the center of attention. 


When it comes to whiten background online, BGremover is fast, easy, and treats your images well. As well as wondering how to whiten the background of a photo, you may be wondering how all this is possible…. The whole process is powered by AI that isolates the object of your photo. This is done using color, as well as light and shadows, to remove background from image. Then you can whiten picture background with no hassle, all thanks to AI.

VanceAI also provides a range of other tools not just to whiten background of photo, but to restore, sharpen and enlarge images too. For this and more, check out our AI photo editing site. Also, read Top 5 Online Tools to Create Transparent Bakcground.