A PNG color changer or an image color changer in general have a lot of uses, especially in content creation. You would need to change color of PNG for graphic design, image editing, photography, and more.

Sometimes, people simply want to change the colors in an image to suit their personal taste or to match a particular color scheme. This could be for decorative purposes, such as creating artwork, posters, or digital content.

With image editing applications, you can change color of PNG and other types of images in simple steps. In this guide, we will explore BGremover from VanceAI and how you can use it to change PNG color online.

PNG Color Change

Color Background PNG

PNG Color

PNG color images are bitmap graphics with lossless compression. What sets them apart is their ability to maintain high quality and transparency. You can change color of PNG with the right app to maintain its qualities.

Object Photo White

Change PNG to White

Users tend to change PNG color to white for many reasons. However, the more common causes tend to be about maintaining a certain aesthetic, adding more focus on the main subject, giving the photo a professional feel, etc.

PNG Black Photo

Change PNG to Black

Another common practice is to change PNG color to black. It enhances contrast for better readability, imparts a dramatic or elegant look, and is used for branding, logo design, and simplifying complex images.

What Is an AI PNG Color Changer?

An AI PNG color changer application is a program that can help you change color of PNG images through advanced technologies such as AI and Deep Learning. You will find plenty of applications that offer such features. One such example is BGremover from VanceAI. It uses AI algorithms to automatically and accurately remove the background of an image first and then provide color changer features.

Graphic Design Pro

This tool is a versatile asset for a range of users and purposes. Graphic designers can change PNG color repeatedly to find the perfect combination, while marketing professionals use it to ensure visual consistency with branding guidelines. E-commerce businesses can efficiently create uniform product catalogs, and photographers can correct color issues in photos.

Why Choose BGremover to Change PNG Color?

BGremover serves as an effective PNG color changer tool by using AI technology to not only remove backgrounds accurately but also empower users to replace the empty background with any desired element. This versatile tool goes beyond mere background removal. With its Background Changer feature, users can seamlessly add new backgrounds, whether it's solid colors, aesthetic designs, or custom uploads. Therefore, it is possible for users to change their PNG images significantly.

PNG Image Editing

Furthermore, BGremover seamlessly integrates with other creative image editing tools offered by VanceAI. For instance, when combined with VanceAI Image Generator, users can upload their PNG images on the AI Image Generator and transform the photos while retaining its core visuals. Overall, there are many options when users choose BGremover and use it tangent with other creative VanceAI tools.

Not to mention that VanceAI offers subscriptions at just $4.95 per month. Prices are subject to change, but it is safe to say that VanceAI is a highly affordable platform.

How to Change Color of PNG With BGremover?

It is easy to change PNG color online with BGremover. Learn how to do so by following the guide given below.

Step 1: Follow the provided link to access BGremover online. Once there, locate and select the "Upload Image" button to move to the next stage.

BGremover Homepage

Step 2: When you're inside the Workspace, you can upload your photo and select the option of focusing on the object or person. Click on "Start to Process" to go ahead with the background removal.

BGremover Workspace Options

Step 3: Within a few seconds, you should be able to see the final image on the screen.

BGremover Result

This is where you need to access Background Changer.

Step 4: To access Background Changer, click on the "Change Background" button near the download option. When you get to the editor, you can click on any of the backgrounds given to make background white, remove black background from image or remove color from image. You can also use the brush tool to remove or retain something from the image.

Background Changer Tools

Step 5: Click on the download button to save your work.

BGremover Can Do More Than Change PNG Color

BGremover Offers Manual Brush to Further Clearup Pictures

Before changing the PNG image color, you may want to cleanup pictures. You can use the BGremover brush tools to make your photos cleaner.

After you have processed the image through BGremover, you can access the Background Changer and use the brush tool.

BGremover Brush Tool

As you can see, the handle of the bag has been further removed by using the brush tool. It is easy to use, as users simply have to drag through the spots that they want removed. If you want to bring something back, you can click on the "Reserve" tab instead and repeat the process.

BGremover and Other PNG Color Changers




Color Choices

UI Design

VanceAI BGremover

$4.95 per month



Very good


$3.33 per month

Very good



Picsart AI

$5 per month





$3.90 per month

Very good

Very good






Change PNG Color

Change png color with BGremover PNG Color Changer. Click here to change png color online!

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